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Ab Roller Trainer

With This Ab Roller Trainer, you can now bring your workout session to your home, exercising your entire body in an easy and more effective way than ever before.



  • One-Stop Destination for your Workout Routine - The ab trainer not only exercises your abdominal muscles but also builds up endurance in many muscle groups. It proves to be effective on your arms, upper back, and glute muscles, hence you no longer need to purchase expensive gym equipment or memberships.
  • Specially Engineered with Dual Rollers - It is designed with dual rollers attached to handles that ensure better control of the equipment and a safer workout routine. They move smoothly without skidding and maintain your balance. This ergonomic design also improves core and arm engagement for optimum results.
  • Adjustable Resistance - Increase your muscles' strength, tone, mass, and endurance with resistance training as it features adjustable resistance ropes. You can choose between five different training levels by adjusting the high elastic resistance bands that are provided at the bottom of the knee pad. The more resistance you want the shorter the cords need to be, resulting in a more intense workout.
  • Convenient and Safe - To improve workout safety and enable a wide variety of workouts in full range, the rollers are attached to an Anti-slip kneeling board that supports your knees when you exercise and helps you in maintaining your grip on the floor. Whether you are a beginner or not, you will not have to worry about accidental injuries.
  • Super Strong and Durable - This equipment is made up of high-quality EVA making it sturdy and effective. The strong pull ropes are created out of premium-grade rubber, providing you with a flexible and heavy workout session. It will go a long way to accompany you in your fitness schedule.